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Welcome to Willinherit. Our aim is to help you breathe a sigh of relief when talking to us about settling your post-death affairs.

You may be looking to make a Will, Islamic Will or put in place a Power of Attorney. Perhaps someone has passed away and you need support dealing with the probate. Whatever the issue, we have got you covered.

As trusted advisers to many wonderful clients for over a decade, we have helped them preserve family wealth for the benefit of their future generations. We can get just the right plan in place for you too.

Use our handy calendar to book your completely free, no-obligation chat at a time that suits you. Or just give us a call and let us get started, you will be so pleased you did.

July 2024

Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you and rest assured, you will feel at complete ease when dealing with us. We know these matters can seem confusing which is why we’ve made our process extremely easy to follow.

We take the time to get to know you properly and our advice will always be tailored to your specific requirements. We will never confuse you with legal jargon either and will always be upfront about fees so you know exactly where you stand at all times.

Check out our reviews to understand why almost every client we act for recommends us to their friends and family. If you also want peace of mind knowing the important things are in place for your loved ones, simply book your callback today.

Message from our founder

Pavinder SinghPavinder Singh
15:44 13 May 21
I was referred to Willinherit by a family friend, I was told they explain everything clearly in a manner which is easy to understand - I was actually pleasantly surprised the level of service was everything I was expecting and more.I had booked a consultation for my Dad to get a will drawn up for him and my Mum. We were so impressed by the level of service during and after the consultation, myself and my brothers had our wills drawn up too by Willinherit. We even referred other relatives too.Comparing Willinherit to other solicitor firms we had quotes from, Willinherits service was far superior and the price quoted was the price charged - which was extremely reasonable for the level of service provided.
Nabil RashidNabil Rashid
19:06 09 Feb 21
Thank you to Rabia for helping sort out this important issue for us, we received a great service. Great communication, responsive and competitively priced as well. Would not hesitate to recommend to my friends and family.
Lee HartLee Hart
15:22 05 Feb 21
Had a will done from Rabia and the team. Was a great experience, would highly recommend.

Life, death and taxes. Are all your affairs in order?


The most important legal document you will ever sign. Dying without a Will is similar to leaving the door to your home wide open before going on a very long holiday.

Islamic Wills

If you are a Muslim and wish for the Shariah to be implemented following your death, our Islamic Will writing service has got you covered. Speak to one of our Muslims experts today and get your Wasiyyah in place before it’s too late.  

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Your LPAs sets out who should be allowed to assist you if you lose the ability to make decisions in the future. LPAs have become increasingly more important in recent years, given the increase in cases of strokes, vaccine injuries, brain injuries, dementia, cancer and other severe life-changing illnesses and accidents.   

Probate / Estate Administration

Dealing with the affairs of a deceased family member isn’t always easy. We’re here to assist you to the extent you need us. We also offer fixed fee options (where appropriate to do so) to take the pressure off your shoulders and help you get everything over the line in a time and cost efficient manner.

It’s your choice.
Protect and preserve, everything.

Business sucession

Succession planning for a business involves developing a plan for the smooth transfer of ownership and management of the business to a successor when the current owner or a shareholder steps down or retires.

Business Succession is a complex process that requires careful consideration. It is important to work with trusted advisors to develop a comprehensive plan that meets the needs of the business, its shareholders and their loved ones upon death.

Making sure the right people retain control, distinguishing personal assets from business assets and maximizing all available tax reliefs are crucial to preventing significant disruption in the future.

Trusts & Tax

A trust is a legal arrangement set up by a “settlor” who entrusts “a trustee or trustees” to hold and manage assets on behalf of “a beneficiary or beneficiaries”. Trusts can be useful for a variety of purposes, including being built into Wills, lifetime estate planning, asset protection, and tax planning.

The tax implications of a trust can vary depending on the type of trust and the specific circumstances of the trust’s creation and operation. It’s important to work with a professional to ensure that any trust set up is managed to achieve the desired tax benefits.

International Clients

Our specialists can help map out a bespoke solution to best protect your UK and international wealth. We regularly assist private clients who own assets in multiple jurisdictions to ensure a watertight plan is in place in the event of death or loss of mental capacity.

Our international network has been carefully selected, ensuring shared values and enthusiasm exist, to provide you with an overall bespoke yet cost-effective solution.

Our Process

We work with minimal fuss and disruption and always set timescales in advance so you know when to expect completion. In addition to usual working hours, we offer evening and weekend appointments, home and hospital/hospice visits and a 24/7 telephone support number.

We collaborate with our trusted partners and associates to offer an ‘all-in-one’ solution to your associated needs. This includes tax reviews; family law advice; funeral plans; pensions; investments; probate sales; life insurance and business share valuations.

Ikhlas Ahmed .LLB (Hons)


Ikhlas is the owner of Willinherit Ltd and has been dealing with lifetime and post-death private wealth enquiries for over a decade. He specialises in Wills, Islamic Wills and Inheritance Planning advice for a wide array of private clients and their families.

Ikhlas graduated in Law in 2014 from the University of Central Lancashire. During this time he wrote his very first Will and undertook groundbreaking research on the ability of Muslims in the UK to leave their estate in accordance with the Sharia following their death.

Between 2014 – 2019, Ikhlas developed his technical skills and expertise working on behalf of specialist private wealth law firms. During this time, he was able to carve out his niche specialism, as the go-to adviser for Muslims looking to balance religious wishes with the English legal and tax system.

In 2019 Ikhlas set up Willinherit to provide a fresh alternative in what he describes as “an oversaturated and at times nonsensical legal market”. His aim in setting up Willinherit was simple, to provide a quality service at an affordable cost to help prevent costly legal and tax disputes post-death.

Ikhlas specialises in:

· the preparation of Wills, Islamic Wills and Lasting Powers of Attorney

· strategies to mitigate inheritance tax

· business and cross-border succession planning

· setting up and management of various trust structures

· probate applications and estate administration

· resolving contentious probate disputes by helping families compromise

· balancing legal, cultural, religious and domicile factors with overall planning objectives

Ikhlas is often asked to act as a professional trustee and professional attorney by his clients which is a testament to the trust placed in him by them. He is also a Dementia Friend and a keen events speaker, regularly featuring on the radio and television raising awareness about the importance of planning ahead. His recent TV interview can be viewed here.



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